Valley Cruzers' Rides

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Dave Bentley's 1933 Ford Victoria

John Turnage's 1965 Chevy extended cab pickup

Joe and Carol Carman's 1957 Ford Fairlane 500

Jerry Pendergrass' 1948 Ford F6 car hauler

Jody Ashburn's 1969 Road Runner

Mike and Allison Verbos' 1960 Corvette

Eddie Trimmer's 1945 Chevy pickup

Rob Ashburn's 1940 Ford ratrod

Dane and Patty Shaver's 1992 Mustang XL Notch Back

James and Julie Ede's 1992 Jaguar XJS convertible

Floyd Sena's 1998 GMC 350 chip 4x4

Fred Keller and Judy Foster's 2010 Radio Flyer

Alvaro and Olga Narino's 1987 Ford Mustang GT

Jerry Pendergrass' 1951 Chevy extended cab pickup

Norm and Myra Broderick's 2006 Saleen

Mike and Allison Verbos' 1966 Corvette

Janet Huffman's 1972 Mustang Fastback

Les & Janet Huffman's 1971 Mustang

Ralph and Carmen Moody's 2009 Challenger SRT8

Ralph and Carmen Moody's 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury
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